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Prospective Player Letter

Thanks for your interest in the Chicks.  Below is the usual information that is sent out to those that inquire about playing for us:

The Chicks started as a single 10U team many years ago.  Those girls continued on with us as they also played two years of 12U ball, then 14U, 16U and 18U in 2011.  Some of these original girls will be on their way to colleges in August 2011! 

In Fall 2007, we expanded into the Chicks multi-team organization.  Our goal has been that we would build an organization that would hold a team for each birth year (1993, 1994, 1995, etc.).  We strive to facilitate the growth of fastpitch softball in the NWA area and increase the number of girls with skills beyond the recreational ball level.  This would help make our high school teams more competitive AND our girls would be more prepared to compete for spots on college team rosters.  Eventually, as time passes all of the teams will become single year age groups so that the girls can stay together throughout their youth playing "careers".

Our plans for Fall 2011 Chicks teams include:

  • 10U for girls born in 2002 and 2001

  • 11U for girls born in 2000

  • 15U for girls born in 1997 and 1996 (that are '96 9th graders)

  • 16U for girls born in 1996 and 1995
    (this team will play in Summer/Fall '11, but will NOT play in Spring '12 until after school ball has concluded)

  • 18U for girls born in 1994 and 1993
    (this team will play in Summer/Fall '11, but will NOT play in Spring '12 until after school ball has concluded)

Springdale is the city where our team was "founded" back when the girls on that first team were small.  Years ago we found ourselves in the position of being able and willing to expand our mission to assist as many girls as possible in the NWA area, instead of just Springdale.  Our goal is to help grow the fastpitch sport throughout the entire NWA region.  See our Mission Statement.

We've had girls from all over the NWA area play on our Chicks teams:  Springdale, Siloam Springs, Prairie Grove, Fayetteville, Gentry, Elkins, Lowell, Huntsville, Hiwasse, Gravette, Centerton, Rogers, and Bentonville.   We’ve also had girls from Ft. Smith, Van Buren and Little Rock; plus OK, KS and MO. 

The Chicks is a very community oriented organization and strives to make our girls well rounded.  Besides growing in softball we also have minimum grade requirements (3.0 gpa).  Please check out our websites to see what we are all about.  Our site is and we also have  Pitch for the Cure is our major fundraising event that raises funds for the team and the Komen for the Cure Breast Cancer Foundation.  During the last sixyears, we've facilitated donations of $130,000 for Komen!!  Our players and families are a critical part of making that happen.

Competitive softball is almost a year round sport.  We don’t play tournaments during the holiday break in winter but indoor practices are taking place for most teams all winter.  (High school aged teams may differ.) 

Tournaments for Spring start in March and teams play all the way through the end of Summer.  At that point some teams may possibly takes a few weeks off before continuing to the end of the season in Fall.  Some of our Chicks teams may play local leagues together in Fall.  Our last tournament of the year is generally a Halloween event.  We have also added our own tournament as a second event that we run.  It takes place in October.

Most teams try to play an average of at least two weekend tournaments a month during the March to October season.  Some months it may be more due to local events or State events and there are always rainouts to contend with in the Spring.  Coaches could opt to travel (to areas like Tulsa or Joplin) no more than twice a month.  We could play out of town two weekends and then in Springdale, Fayetteville, Bentonville, etc.  (In recent years, local NWA tournaments have really been pretty rare.)

Other than the statement above that it is almost a year round sport, we also stress that we choose to take on players that basically plan on making the Chicks their home.  We keep players until they can no longer play with us, preferably moving up with us each year.  We want softball and the Chicks organization to be a priority to our players and their families. 

More examples of our community work:  The Chicks donated 100 hours of volunteer time to bell ringing for the Salvation Army; we assisted at the Christmas Train that raised money for local children’s charities; we washed cars to help raise money for hurricane relief; teams often play in various benefit tournaments; food donations are made to shelters and products to school programs, etc.  All of our teams participate in Komen's Race/Walk for the Cure in April each year.  We donate items to NWA Women's Shelter, the Salvation Army, the Miracle League and Joplin Tornado Relief for Athletes.

We are a 501(c)3 corporation and have one executive board for the entire organization.  Our board handles finances, policies, and major decisions for the organization.  The Chicks do not ask for a commitment/player fee.  We choose to keep our organization "fee-free" so that no one is excluded based on ability to pay.  Instead we have a requirement for participation in our fundraisers and community work.  The commitment that is needed to be a Chick is that of a full-time participant.  We're family and it takes the whole family pitching in to help us reach our goals. 

Since Pitch for the Cure is our major fundraiser our parents are the primary volunteers for that event.  This requires time leading up to and during that weekend.  This includes some activities that are required from everyone in advance (ex:  meetings, finding donations, selling ads for the program), but really all parents are asked to accept planning/committee duties and then help with those things that come up that just need to be done for PFTC.  That weekend is a mandatory full weekend for everybody.  The players work right along side with the parents.  It is a great experience and very rewarding but lots of hard work, too!

We also may do a few other fundraisers throughout the year.  (These are few and far between.)  These are typically not selling any kind of merchandise.  We have a pitching booth that we run at other events around the community.  We have everyone take shifts in running/operating that during the events.  We may also hold car washes, pancake breakfasts, and similar team fundraising events for extra expenses that might be incurred at Nationals or other special situations.  This will usually be up to each team rather than the organization. 

All uniforms and tournament fees are furnished by the organization using money that we've raised as a group.  Uniforms and helmets are considered team property since they are purchased with team funds.  Since all items are considered team property, there are returned to us if a player no longer plays with the Chicks.

We may ask each player to sign a contract that agrees with our requirements.  Those requirements include the above commitments for time for fundraisers and community work, grades (3.0), uniforms/equipment care, attitude, attendance at practice and games plus dedication to the team. 

We realize that this is a lot of information, but we hope that it is useful to you in considering our organization!  If you'd like to have your daughter come try out with us, please let us know by phone or email.  For players that join the team, a player packet is assigned.  If she makes it on a team, we’ll ask for a copy of her birth certificate.    

The season has already begun, so we are looking to fill those open roster spots as soon as we find the right fit.  Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions: 

Steve Kline at

Gina Bartholomew at    or   479-283-0007

Chris Bartholomew at  

Thanks again for your interest.  We look forward to talking to you!

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